1. Putting flowers in a vase
  2. How often do we change the water?
  3. Flower care
  4. Flower bouquet positioning

A bouquet of flowers comes as a precious memory in your life, no matter why you received it. Maybe it was one of your most special birthday wishes, maybe you received it as an anniversary gift, or maybe it was simply meant to bring a big smile to your lips and remind you how special you are to the loved ones around you. And just like any cherished memory, you want your bouquet to last as long as possible, to maintain its freshness, beauty, fragrance and colors that make it so special.

The good news is that a bouquet is not very fussy, so you can enjoy its beauty for days, but you do need to give it a little attention and about 5 minutes of daily care. It depends, of course, on the flowers that make it up, but in the following lines we’ll reveal some tips & tricks for many colorful and fragrant days with your favorite flowers.

Putting flowers in a vase

If the bouquet you have received as a gift is composed of a single type of flower, say tulips for example, then we recommend that you remove the packaging and loosen the string that holds them together so that they find the best position in the water and don’t get strangled.

However, every bouquet La Vie en Rose is composed with a lot of creativity and care by our florists, so to keep its particular shape and contour, you only need to widen the thread holding the flowers together to give them a more light and airy feel.

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Then choose your vase carefully. It needs to be tall enough for the bouquet, and very, very well cleaned. To stay fresh, flowers need a clean, fresh environment.

How often do we change the water?

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to flower bouquet care is this. Well, in the best-case scenario, the water needs to be changed every day, because in a damp environment, plant-damaging bacteria form extremely quickly.

With your bouquet La Vie en Rose you will also receive a sachet containing a preservative, to be diluted in half a liter of water. So, thanks to this nutrient, the water will only need to be changed every 2-3 days. Make sure the freshly changed water is always cold.

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Flower care

In addition to all your affection, the flowers in a bouquet also need a few minutes of your time every day to care for them. So, it is necessary to cut from the top of the flower stems about 2-3 cm from the base at a 45-degree angle, always using a sharp knife, not scissors.

Another important thing to watch out for is leaves that end up in the water. To keep the environment as optimal as possible, they should be removed from flower stems.

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Flower bouquet positioning

Where you place your flowers will have a big impact on their freshness. We recommend you place your bouquet in a cool environment, but also make sure it gets plenty of natural light. Be careful, however, not to place the vase in direct sunlight, as this will accelerate the wilting and staining of the flowers.

If you apply these tips in caring for your bouquet, you’ll enjoy many days in its fragrant and colorful company, and your beautiful memories will stay alive for a long time.

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