Delivery in Cluj-Napoca

We have three delivery methods: Express in 2-4 hours, Standard between 10:00-20:00, or free in-store pickup.

livrare flori in cluj

How does the flower delivery service in Cluj work?

Whether you want to make an important moment really special or simply surprise a loved one with a special gesture, we're here to make sure your bouquet gets where you want it to go.
With any order placed on our website, you can have your bouquet delivered directly to her home at the time you choose.

When you decide to order directly from our shop, the decision will be much easier because you can efficiently filter all our products.

For example, suppose you want your bouquet to be made of a specific type of flower. In that case, you can enter your keyword in the "search" section, and the page will display all the bouquets that fit that criteria.
If you need some inspiration, browse the website's sections, where you'll also discover our collections. We have many variations, perfect for arousing many emotions in the person receiving them.

When you choose this option, the one with flower delivery in Cluj, for us to fulfill your order in the best conditions, you must ensure that you have filled in the beneficiary's details entirely and correctly.

Please let us know by phone or email if you need help providing your full address or name. We cannot accept liability for late deliveries caused by incomplete data.

According to the new legal regulations, ORDER no.3769 of December 23, 2015, starting with 01.10.2016, all invoices must contain all identification data. So, the customer is obliged to fill in all mandatory fields on the order page, having the option to check if he wants the delivery information to be taken as invoice data.

1. Choose your bouquet and delivery method

online shop

2. You will receive a confirmation email with your order

notification bell

3. Wait for our courier within the set interval

delivery truck

4. Or pick up your bouquet from the store

flower shop 1

Express (2 - 4 hours only in Cluj-Napoca)

Regardless of the urgency, with express delivery, which takes two to four hours from order confirmation, your bouquet will arrive at the address you specify.

30 RON

Standard (between 10:00 - 20:00)

If your bouquet delivery is not an emergency, you can choose the normal delivery option, which we deliver between 10:00 and 20:00.

15 RON

Pick up in store (Cipariu or Platinia)

If you want to take care of the flower delivery yourself, then you can place your order on the website, we'll prepare it, and then you can drop by the florist of your choice to pick up your bouquet.