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When you surround yourself with beautiful things you love, happiness comes as an inevitable accessory. Spring is a season of energy, color and freshness, a time when all of nature comes to life and we awaken with it. It seems, however, that so far the sun has been a bit out of the sky, and our mood is in tune with the indecisive weather outside. But spring is not just about clear and warm days, it’s about all the things that bring you happiness. So, even on these dreary days, there are ways you can bring more energy and happiness into the life of a loved one with a simple gesture, a colorful and fragrant bouquet of flowers.

How do you enjoy every spring day without being conditioned by the sun? Simply by changing perspective. Instead of looking out of the window and sighing at the cloudy sky, look at the colorful flowers and breathe in their fragrance, and you’ll be filled with all the good mood you need.

And while we’re on the subject of flowers and spring, here are some of the most special seasonal bouquets that you can give to a loved one, no matter the context or the occasion.


Tenderness – Whether you choose a diaphanous and colorful floral arrangement composed of several types of flowers, including hyacinths, or an exclusive bouquet, the fragrance these flowers carry is a fairytale. Hyacinths create an enchanting backdrop in any home, captivating both olfactory and visual, most often in shades of purple, pale pink or white.

Discover even more hyacinth bouquets.

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Spring Perfection Dubai

Spring Perfection Dubai When we say spring, we inevitably think of tulips. The best-loved seasonal flowers, which come in many shades and create spectacular bouquets to delight your loved one. They have a distinctive fragrance, but not as intense as hyambelos. It expresses gentleness, delicacy and superlative beauty.

Discover other gorgeous tulip arrangements here.

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Summer Glow

Summer Glow – with peonies you’ll never fail. These flowers symbolize wealth and honor, convey romance and are said to harmonize the relationship in any couple. They have a fresh, delicate look with a voluminous dome and come in pastel pinks as well as vibrant fuchsia and even bluish-purples. They give off a special fragrance and easily bring a smile to your lips, especially when they’re in a bouquet with other flowers as gorgeous as themselves.

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When you want to surprise your loved one and you want to give them spring as a gift, we are waiting for you with the most appropriate and fragrant floral choices. You can order the right bouquet directly from our website and we deliver it to her home.

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