1. Dear mom…
  2. You make me smile every day…
  3. With friendship…

Spring is a special season in every way. We enjoy more sunshine, which is starting to be more and more present in the clear skies, we breathe fresher air as nature starts to come alive, and last but not least, we celebrate the most special beings in our lives, women. We think fondly of our mother, who always has a kind word for us, and we also remember with joy our grandmother, who always spoiled us. With love we also think of wives or girlfriends, and with affection and gratitude we turn to sisters, aunts and, why not, colleagues.

And now that March 8 is coming up, what could you surprise them with this time too? The answer is simple and natural, because they’ll want nothing more than your attention and care for the little pleasures in her life, like her favorite flowers.

And because every woman in your life has a different role, the flowers you give her on March 8 should also convey the right message. And if you need a little help and inspiration for these pairings, we invite you to read on.

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Dear mom…

You already know that for any mom, your mere presence is enough. But as a token of thanks for all the care, for every meal prepared with love, for every good advice given at the right moment, we recommend you surprise her with a delicate and fragrant floral arrangement, just like she is. The Spring Perfection collection is perfect for the occasion, so choose the one that best represents her.

Equally suitable for your grandmothers or your sisters, these arrangements follow a classic line to match the fresh spring days.

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You make me smile every day…

Lovers and spouses are the ones who accompany you every day with unique moments and special care. Most of the time, you don’t even know what words to use to convey all the love you have for her, so for March 8, put words aside and choose a floral bouquet that speaks for you.

The Giant collection is about infinite love, femininity and extravagance, it’s that bouquet that captures the most special emotions, so it’s the most appropriate choice for your loved one.

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With friendship…

You surround yourself with a lot of women at work and in your circle of friends. It’s important to wish them a beautiful spring, with a floral treat that will bring a smile to their lips. Bouquets from the Everyday Collection are more than suitable for such an occasion, and to be in tune with the season, we recommend choosing an arrangement of tulips, hyacinths or peonies.

Of course, here are just a few examples, but on our website a variety of bouquets and floral arrangements are waiting for you, ready to surprise the special women in your life. You can order them right now, and we’ll deliver them on Monday, March 8, directly to their home!

March, a day so awaited by women! How do you spoil them? 💐💝
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