About the La Vie en Rose brand

A journey through the fragrance and colors of life

The La Vie en Rose brand has been consolidated during more than 10 years of activity in the field of floral art. It constantly develops and is today an innovative concept that sets trends in terms of flowers at the national level.

2012 was the year when the creative idea became a reality with the first La Vie en Rose flower shop, and the years that followed have reinforced this desire to create floral art on a higher level. Constant development and creativity have propelled the brand to nationwide recognition.

Today, the La Vie en Rose brand continues to expand nationwide through the franchise system to bring flowers to as many beauty lovers as possible.
Since 2024, the La Vie en Rose brand has expanded internationally, opening its first concept store in Dubai.

La Vie en Rose exudes art with floral essence, innovation, and elegance in every arrangement and bouquet.

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Team La Vie en Rose

The 18 young people behind our creations


Our team of 18 young individuals, driven by their passion, brings blooming ideas to life with their creativity and dedication.

Their innovative and unique creations are the result of their combined experience in floral design and their unique creativity.

The spectacular bouquets created by La Vie en Rose team members turn the eyes of all passers-by from the moment the bouquets cross the threshold of our florists.

Their creations are everywhere: at elegant events, exotic, refined weddings, and bohemian parties.

The beauty of the floral arrangements shows the superior quality of the products used, but above all, the ingenuity and talent of the La Vie en Rose team.

With them, imagination knows no bounds.

Founder of La Vie en Rose

Cătălina and her floral artistic vision

Cătălina started her journey into entrepreneurship in 2012 when La Vie en Rose was born as a colorful boutique where all her artistic ideas turned into reality. Thanks to her perseverance, Cătăline's floristry and style have grown to become a team of innovative artists in the two luxuriant flower shops in Cluj-Napoca.

Innovative thinking and vision are two of her strengths in working with flowers, visible in the "out-of-this-world" arrangements she has been creating and innovating for over ten years. A landscape engineer, always working with flowers from 2012 to the present, Cătălina has become an expert in the field, largely thanks to over 1000 successful events, smiles, and positive feedback.

Weddings hold a special place in Cătălina's heart. She meticulously attends to every detail and actively participates in making the dreams of the brides who seek her services a reality.

The style that characterizes it intertwines lush and vibrant words in a Parisian fragrance.

Present with the same enthusiasm and energy as on the first day, today, Cătălina shares the experience gained through the floral art courses she teaches.