1. More restful sleep in a flowery environment
  2. With flowers, you become more productive
  3. Flowers speed up physical recovery
  4. Color therapy with flowers
  5. Flowers bring back the most beautiful memories

We already know all too well that flowers have a powerful effect on us, a beneficial effect both physically and especially mentally, and the more we surround ourselves with them, the happier and more fulfilled we are. But have you ever wondered why? What are the effects flowers have on us, why do they lift our mood and why do we feel so much the need to have them close by?

Many studies have looked into these things, and the results have made us believe even more in the magic of flowers and motivated us to inspire the love of them further. If you’re curious to find out how fresh flowers change our mood, we invite you to accompany yourself with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and read on with our article.

More restful sleep in a flowery environment

Flowers have the power to soothe us and provide a delicate touch of gentleness, but did you know that flowers can even contribute to the quality of your sleep? It is scientifically proven that the scent of lavender flowers balances the pulse and lowers blood pressure, or in other words, helps you relax more easily, and gerberas have the ability to increase the oxygen levels in the room during the night. And if you love orchids, you should know that they absorb carbon dioxide during the day and give off oxygen at night. How does this help you? You’ll breathe easier and have a truly restful sleep.

With flowers, you become more productive

As well as giving us a dreamy view, flowers also help us increase our powers of concentration. Various studies have shown that desks decorated with natural flowers increase work performance and concentration. What’s more, it fosters creativity and provides a cozy environment where you enjoy spending time. Fresh flowers also boost happiness.

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Flowers speed up physical recovery

You might say we’re exaggerating, but studies don’t lie, and they’ve evaluated the recovery of surgical patients in the presence and absence of flowers. Thus, patients who benefited from a lounge decorated with fresh flowers and greenery reported lower levels of fatigue and anxiety, and a much faster physical recovery, compared to patients who spent their time in a regular lounge.

Color therapy with flowers

Whenever you choose a bouquet of flowers, you always choose it by the shades in which it dominates. You probably haven’t thought about it, because it’s an involuntary gesture, but colors have a great power over us, so choosing the color of a bouquet of flowers is extremely important, especially when we want to make us feel good. If you surround yourself with colors that resonate with your tastes, you’ll have magical moments with the flowers in your home.

Flowers bring back the most beautiful memories

It’s our sense of smell that awakens the most powerful memories in our lives, so integrate into your home those fragrances that transport you to the happiest moments of your life. You can opt for roses, like you had at your wedding, or peonies to remind you of the fragrance of your childhood garden.

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They are simply fascinating, and the way flowers make our lives more beautiful is priceless. Now that you know how much they can help you both physically and mentally, we’re sure you’ll choose to integrate them more often in your home, or even in your office, and to that end, we’d like to introduce you to the La Vie en Rose monthly flower subscription .

What does this subscription mean? That we’ll make sure you get fresh flowers every week.

And for a nice surprise for a loved one, we invite you to choose one of the bouquets available on our website here.

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