1. Match the bouquet to the style of the event
  2. Favorite bridal flowers
  3. The relationship between you and the bride and groom
  4. Diaphanous box
  5. Tenderness – Gift Collection
  6. Flower mix box – Luxury Collection
  7. Dreamland – Giant Collection

If you have been invited at least once to such an event, we are sure you have asked yourself this question? For us, love, love is the most beautiful feeling, and thanks to flowers, we enjoy it every day. So, if you ask us, we’ll tell you that any flower is perfect to celebrate this event, but of course, we also come to your aid with concrete proposals of the most suitable flowers you can offer at your civil wedding.

Before we list our ideas, we have a few recommendations to keep in mind before choosing a bouquet of flowers to offer at such a ceremony:

Match the bouquet to the style of the event

And to get a sense of style, you can start with the wedding venue. Is it indoors or outdoors? Modern, rustic or perhaps with a bohemian feel, all these details will help us create the perfect arrangement.

Favorite bridal flowers

Of course, the relationship between you and the bride and groom matters a lot. If they’re part of your immediate family, or close circle of friends, then chances are that either you or someone you know may know the bride’s favorite flowers. This way, you’ll give her a bouquet exactly to her liking.

The relationship between you and the bride and groom

It can give you a clue as to the complexity of the bouquet. The closer you are to the two of them, maybe you’re family, or they’re your best friends, then the bouquet should be just the right one to express your joy for them. For example, opt for a bouquet from the Giant collection. If the bride and groom are more like acquaintances, or even more distant relatives, a medium-sized bouquet, like those from the Gift Collection, is an inspired choice.

Now that you know these things, you may have a clearer idea of which flowers to choose, but to make your life even easier, we come to your rescue with 5 bouquets suitable to be offered at this event.

3.png 1

Monochrome Collection

We decided to name the whole collection Monochrome, as the Monochrome bouquets are similar in shape, textures and integrated flowers, and differ only in color. So whether you choose Pink Romance, Blue Sapphire or Fuchsia Fantasy, the bride-to-be is sure to be impressed by the bouquet she receives.

1.png 1

Diaphanous box

Composed of spring-summer flowers, this box exudes a special fragrance and gentleness. It’s an extremely feminine arrangement that fits in perfectly with the style of flowers that go to the civil wedding. What’s more, pastel colors blend well with any context and style the event might have.

4.png 1

Tenderness – Gift Collection

A very special arrangement for a strong and eccentric personality. If the bride-to-be adopts a non-conformist style and loves to have all eyes on her, then this arrangement is perfect for her. What’s more, the mix of purple flowers gives off a lovely fragrance.

2.png 1

Flower mix box – Luxury Collection

When you pair a bottle of prosecco with an arrangement of pastel flowers, you can be sure you’ve made the right choice. Among the flowers that go to the civil wedding, the mixed flower box is one of the most suitable options. In diaphanous shades and velvety textures, this arrangement is sure to please any woman.

5.png 1

Dreamland – Giant Collection

When you want a special and spectacular way to express your joy for the bride and groom-to-be, a bouquet from the Giant collection is the right choice. We recommend the Dreamland bouquet, as it is created in neutral, pastel colors, representing very well the idea of celebrating love.

We hope we have successfully answered your question, and that your choice will now be much easier. All the bouquets featured above can be ordered online, but if you want an extra touch of personalization or simply want to visit our fragrant flower shops, then we are waiting for you in one of our locations.

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