We love seasonal changes, especially when it comes to one of our favorite seasons, autumn. The leaves that create the most impressive carpet, the flowers that appear in the most vibrant colors, the whole palette of shades that embrace all of nature, all these elements inspire us to design and create the most unique arrangements. If you agree with us, we invite you to discover our fall collection, where we’ve played with the elements of this season to create floral bouquets and decorations in tune with the season.

When you want to pay attention, mark an important event or simply make a special day special for someone, you can be inspired by the arrangements created for the fall season.

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Fall in Love Bouquet – This bouquet depicts a fall in earthy shades that is sure to surprise all the senses. She loves this season and you love her, so what could be nicer than giving her an arrangement on any given day that blends textures and scents that transport you to a fairytale fall landscape?

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Autumn Extravaganza Bouquet – With the thought of creating something unique, something that would impress her, we let our creativity lead us to compose a bouquet representative of fall. It is described by the intense, vibrant colors that are typical of this season. The elements that come together in this bouquet create an impressive visual effect that is sure to please her.

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Autumn Fantasy Bouquet – as its name suggests, this bouquet is transposed into a fantasy of autumn, exactly as we see it, which is intense, passionate and feminine and above all, unique. Autumn Fantasy is a floral arrangement with a strong personality, a bouquet that is described by the senses, not words. Contrasts of red, burgundy and purple harmonize in a perfect bouquet of different flowers that complement each other.

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Pastel Dream Dome – When you want to make your gesture more special, choose the Pastel Dream dome. Inspired by the color palette of bronze, gold and hawn, we complemented it with pastel flowers, placed in harmony with the elements of this season. This arrangement will not only brighten up her day, but also the space where she’ll place it.


Terrariums – Terrariums are also a very inspiring gift idea. These two designs combine different elements to bring out the beauty of fall in a unique way. In addition to the succulents, both also have various accessories that fit in with the season to convey the most beautiful feelings that fall has to offer.

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Wreaths – The fall colors are so stunning that I’ve been looking for a new way to bring this palette from outside, inside. They’re made up of various representative elements, dressed in this season’s specific tones. The two wreath designs make an ideal decoration for your home, but also make an inspiring gift for a loved one.

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Pumpkin with flowers – Another way to bring the tomnatic landscape closer to home is with a decorative pumpkin with flowers. It vibrates in a palette of purple shades and is ideal to give to a loved one or to find a place for in your own home. If you’re inspired by other shades, we can customize it to your preferences right here.

Fall has given us a lot of inspiration, which we’ve translated into our new seasonal collection. Guided by all the elements specific to this season, we have shaped arrangements that are part of this story, in a specific color palette, composed of the most special flowers and accessories. When you want to surprise her smile with a unique bouquet, find the right arrangement for her right here.

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