1. Why do brides carry a bouquet of flowers on their big day?
  2. Which flowers for the bridal bouquet?
  3. What are you doing with the bouquet? Do you throw it away or keep it?

The language of flowers began to be understood centuries ago. In Victorian times, flowers were used to express an emotion, a message, when words and gestures failed.

When it comes to celebrating love, the most important step in every person’s life, the wedding, flowers are one of the most important elements that can also transcribe your story, in different shapes, colors and textures.

Of all the decorations on the big day, one that will catch everyone’s eye is the bridal bouquet. You already know that this is one of your accessories, but do you know its deeper meaning?

Why do brides carry a bouquet of flowers on their big day?

It ties the whole theme of the event together and on top of that, the wedding dress is complimented. It’s an essential part of your outfit, adding beauty and romance to the whole look.

Such a bouquet expresses your personality and should fully represent you, so that it’s in harmony with who you are.


The bridal bouquet dates back to ancient times. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians chose various scented plants to ward off bad luck on their wedding day. They symbolized a new beginning, full of hope and good thoughts for the future.

It wasn’t until the Victorian era that the bridal bouquet was seen as a way of communicating feelings as it is now. However, in modern times, as fascinating as these traditions once seemed, now almost all brides choose their bouquet based on the beauty of the flowers and their color.

Which flowers for the bridal bouquet?

One of the most common options in the bridal bouquet is the rose, as this flower best conveys romance and love

Each color of rose conveys something different, so while a red rose speaks of passion, a white rose conveys innocence and purity. The peony, a delicate flower that symbolizes happiness and ambition and is said to bring good luck and a happy marriage, is also a top favourite.

Chalks are also a very elegant choice and are associated with purity, with white or burgundy being the most common.


If you were wondering which flowers you should choose, there’s no right or wrong answer. It all boils down to three important aspects, such as your personal preferences, the theme chosen for the event and the time of year.

Whether you opt for a classic bouquet or a cascading one, our advice is to choose the option that makes you feel most comfortable and will reflect you.

What are you doing with the bouquet? Do you throw it away or keep it?

Although many brides keep the tradition of tossing the bouquet, if you’re going to get emotionally attached to it, you don’t have to.

You can keep it in a place that’s dear to you, so you can keep alive the memory of such an important moment in your life. You can choose to dry the flowers or press them with a card.


You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your bridal bouquet, and we’re here to help you with inspiration and proposals that are right up your heart. We know how important that day is to you, so we put our creativity to work to shape your story.

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