1. Tenderness
  2. Box of Pale Pink Cryogenic Roses
  3. Flower Mix and Prosecco Box
  4. Purple Fusion
  5. The Queen of My Heart

St. Mary, a feast that brings much joy to our souls, and which, once again, gives us the opportunity to celebrate unique moments with our loved ones, especially with the beautiful Maries in our lives. At such moments we feel the need to spoil them and show them our appreciation, to wish them a unique happy birthday just as they deserve. And for that, our team of talented florists will create the most beautiful and spectacular bouquets of flowers for the dear women in your life.

When the options are numerous, we know it can be hard to choose the perfect arrangement, that’s why in this article we come to your rescue with 5 bouquet proposals that are sure to touch the heart of your Maria, whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, aunt or colleague.

Top 5 special bouquets for St. Maria


The star arrangement from our Gift collection, which combines different flowers that share different shades of purple in a very harmonious way. Composed of roses, freesia, orchids, hyacinths, hyacinths, mini roses and ruscus, the fragrance of this floral arrangement is delicate, sweet and fresh. It’s a great option for moms, aunts, grandmothers or why not a close colleague.

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Box of Pale Pink Cryogenic Roses

We know your love for her is everlasting, but if you want to pass that thought and feeling on to her, this is the arrangement you’re looking for. Cryogenic roses are both a symbol of love and longevity, so you can successfully give them to an important person in your life. In our Everlasting collection you’ll find these arrangements in other colors and boxes.

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Flower Mix and Prosecco Box

From the Luxury collection, this is the most appropriate floral arrangement, expressing passion as well as appreciation and gratitude. What’s more, this box also includes a bottle of prosecco, which adds an extra flavor to the celebration of this special day, St. Maria. If you want to opt for other flowers or a different color scheme, we invite you to choose the right arrangement from this collection, or send us a message with your specifications.

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Purple Fusion

The latest collection launched, Monochrome, has won the admiration of all the women who have been spoiled with such a bouquet so far. So, if you want to choose a spectacular and unique bouquet to send a special happy birthday to your Maria, this is one of the best choices. It’s a voluminous bouquet in feminine shades dominated by a fresh fragrance.

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The Queen of My Heart

As the name says, this bouquet is everything your Maria means to you. Infinite love, affection, care, attention, beauty, novelty, all contained in a single floral arrangement that will catch her eye on her name day. Dressed in a tulle that expresses femininity and delicacy like an elegant dress, this bouquet is perfect for the most beloved Maria in your life.

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As you can see, the options are diverse, so the most suitable bouquet will depend on who you want to give it to, what they mean to you, and what their preferences are, if you know them. The bouquet can be pre-ordered directly from our website with delivery to her home, or you can come to our flower shops to customize the arrangement exactly as you visualize it.

To all the Maries who read us and are part of the beautiful La Vie en Rose community, we wish you a beautiful and enthusiastic day, just like you. Enjoy every flower and every special moment spent with family and dear friends. Happy Birthday!

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