1. Hydrangeas love morning sunlight and partial shade
  2. Be careful not to overwater them
  3. These flowers require no grafting or pruning
  4. Fresh air is his favorite
  5. Give her supplements and lots and lots of love

You’ve seen them, they’ve attracted you by their looks and fragrance, and at least once, you’ve certainly stopped to admire them in our flower shops. Hydrangeas have the power to impress on everyone’s eyes, as the sheer volume and vibrant colors of these flowers simply can’t be overlooked, so if you want to know more tips on how to care for hydrangeas we’ve found you!

From pinks and pale blues to deep fuchsia and purples, hydrangeas suit any personality, as they are a pot plant but are best suited to the environment of a well-tended garden. Hydrangeas bloom naturally in summer, and remain spectacular until late fall if you take good care of them. This year we have been pleasantly surprised by the increased demand for hydrangeas in bouquets for loved ones, as well as bouquets created simply from hydrangeas, designed to add color and fragrance to your home.

So, seeing how much this flower has grown in popularity, we thought we’d give you a few tips & tricks on how to care for hydrangeas.

If we’re talking about hydrangea flowers in a vase, the same care rules that we discussed at length in a previous article apply, Tips & Tricks for flower bouquet care, which we also invite you to read.

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But if you’ve been given a potted hydrangea as a gift and are planning to either keep it or replant it in your garden, read on.

Hydrangeas love morning sunlight and partial shade

If you have experience in caring for house and apartment flowers, you know that one of the most important factors contributing to their proper development is light, or the lack of it. Some love the dark, while others love to be bathed in light, but never in direct sunlight.

Hydrangea is the kind of plant that needs a mixed environment, so if you live in an apartment, the ideal spot is on the terrace, and in the garden, under the branches of trees that provide partial shade. In a garden, it’s best to plant them in the north or east.

Be careful not to overwater them

Although they tend to look like delicate flowers, hydrangeas are tougher than you think. In the summer they need water twice a week, and in the fall, watering is done once a week. Of course, always check the soil with your fingers before watering to check its needs.

These flowers require no grafting or pruning

Every great plant lover wants to see their beautiful, leafless or dried flowers. So, naturally, most plants love to be cleaned of dryness. However, you’ll do hydrangea quite a lot of damage if you apply this practice. Dried flowers should be allowed to drop naturally, otherwise, if cut, the plant won’t flower as profusely next year. If we had to look for a term to describe it, hydrangea would be a pretty independent flower.

Fresh air is his favorite

Hydrangea loves the garden because it gets all the oxygen it needs, so if you live in an apartment, make sure you put this plant on the terrace or somewhere where the windows can be open so it can enjoy the fresh air. Hydrangeas also need to get used to hot-cold temperature cycles to be in bloom. If grown at a constant temperature, it will live, but it won’t delight you with the blooms you expect.

Give her supplements and lots and lots of love

If you want to give it a care boost, you can always turn to fertilizers specially designed for hydrangeas. It is applied in early autumn and it’s important that it contains magnesium to help with intense flower color.

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If you’ve at least once wondered how to care for these flowers, we hope you’ll find our advice useful. We love to see plants cared for beautifully and properly, and most of all, we love to see how they bring more happiness into your life and home.

And if you’re looking for a special bouquet for a loved one and hydrangeas have caught your eye, we invite you here to choose the most suitable arrangement.

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