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  4. Fertilizers and special solutions

If in a previous article we shared with you some tips and secrets on how to take care of your flower bouquets and arrangements so that you can enjoy their beauty and fragrance for as long as possible, today we want to tell you a few things about how to care for your apartment flowers.

If you love nature and all that it stands for, if you prefer cleaner air in your home and if you’re a fan of a zen energy, then there are certainly a few houseplants in your life that you want to keep as healthy, green and happy as possible. Although it may not seem like a difficult task, you may notice that some flowers do better and others do worse, which means that your care for them should be as personalized as possible. Here, we won’t go into each type of houseplant individually, as there are hundreds or even thousands of species, but we will tell you some general rules for beautiful, happy flowers.


Any house flower needs light, but not direct sunlight, as hot rays can burn the leaves and wilt the plant prematurely. What’s more, the amount of light plants need depends on the individual plant. Some flowers need an extremely bright environment, preferably all or most of the day, while other plants, such as tropicals, need a partially bright environment.

So, to give each plant the right environment, we recommend reading its label when you buy it, asking the florist about a few details or doing a little research on the internet.

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No plant can survive without water. Even cacti, however hardy, need a little moisture in the soil from time to time. Well, as with light, watering plants should be done according to the needs of each flower. But one thing is certain, no flower should be watered in abundance for its soil will rot and its roots will rot.

If you’re wondering how often you should water them, start with a frequency of once a week. Some flowers will love it and we recommend you keep it up, others will dry out more quickly and then you know they need more water, others less. If you watch their behavior, you’ll quickly figure out their preferences.

*Sfat: make a note in a notebook of each flower and how it likes to be cared for. Also make a note of every time you wet it. This will make it easier to spot their behavior and leave them in the care of friends when you go on holiday.

Soil and pots

Just as we, as humans, often feel the need to refresh the environment in which we live, so plants, as they grow and develop, need a change. So once you’ve bought a new plant, give it time to get used to the environment in your home, maybe a week or two. We then recommend transferring it to a larger pot where it can grow in peace and quiet, enjoying nutritious soil. Repeat this process every few years, or whenever you notice that growing space is becoming limited for your flower.

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Fertilizers and special solutions

It’s best not to abuse these things, as nature itself is a moderate environment. Most flowers need special attention in the warm season, spring-summer and maybe even fall, and in winter, they go into hibernation, where they need less care.

Most plants are fertilized in spring, and we recommend that you look for fertilizers that are best suited to your plant species. Then, treatment solutions should only be used when you notice various parasites that can harm their development.

These would be the first answers we’d advise you to keep in mind. If your flowers have the right light, a regular watering schedule, the right soil and a little extra care at critical times, they will grow happily and give you the most beautiful experiences.

If you add a little love and affection to their care, you’re sure to enjoy spectacular, green plants just the way you want them. If you want to know even more about how to care for houseplants, don’t hesitate to talk to our florists. And if you want a new plant, we’re waiting for you in the La Vie en Rose flower shopsto choose the right one.

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