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The calendar announces that spring is only a few days away, so we’re ready to welcome it in the right way: with colorful and fragrant flowers, lots of energy and a craving for spectacular creations, as we’ve always done for you. For us, flowers are just as beautiful in any season, and we love them beyond measure, but now, we look with a child’s excitement at the explosion of vibrant colors they bring both in nature and in our florists and, by extension, in your homes.

We enjoy tulips in all possible shades, smile fondly at hyacinths, appreciate the beauty of freesias and the gentleness of peonies. Spring flowers bring fresh air and energy, and have the power to enliven any soul, any room.

On March 1st, we greet the loved ones in our lives with a symbolic marzipan, as tradition has it. However, how about impressing her this year with a different start to spring, one that’s much more fragrant and colorful, composed of her favorite flowers? And if you need a little inspiration, we reveal the most appropriate and spectacular flowers to herald spring.

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Tulips – their blooming is the thought that gets us most excited about the arrival of this season. These flowers have both a graceful and elegant posture, and several strands joined together in a generous bouquet give a visually indescribable effect. What’s more, if you want to impress your other half with a bouquet of tulips, it’s good to know that our florists have the most interesting color combinations waiting for you.

Now imagine the happiness on her face, and the smile on her face every morning when she looks at them in the house. You can order your bouquet of tulips right now and we’ll surprise her with flowers delivered straight to her door in just a few hours.

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Freesias they are distinguished by a more pronounced fragrance, their varied coloring and their characteristic delicacy. They are slightly larger and make a lovely bouquet on their own or with other flowers. For a fragrant spring day, put her marquise in a floral arrangement of freesias.

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Zambelli – captivate you with a special fragrance and an impressive dome of flowers. They’re most often found in shades of white, pink and purple, colors that express femininity and softness. They’re among the most favorite flowers in the garden, but they’re just as loved in a vibrant bouquet, delighting you with a special fragrance day after day.

Flowers have a magical effect on us and make us feel good in their presence regardless of their variety, color, fragrance or shape, so any floral arrangement is suitable to give as a present, and we invite you here to discover all the bouquets from our spring collection.

We wish you sunny and cheerful days, a spring full of energy and love!

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