1. Bouquet 101 Red Roses
  2. Melbourne, Giant Collection
  3. Purple Fusion, Monochrome Collection

We know that from time to time, there comes that moment that requires a little extra attention on your part when it comes to choosing the right flowers for her.

When we think of special bouquets, we think of those arrangements that convey emotion, that speak for themselves and make her feel loved, appreciated and pampered.

While it’s easy when you’re planning a surprise on a special day to choose the right bouquet, when special occasions come around, it’s a little more pressure and decisions can no longer be made with the same certainty.

If you find yourself in such a moment, then we’ve found you.

In this article we’ll introduce you to 3 special bouquets from our collections, bouquets that will manage to impress your better half just the way you want.

Bouquet 101 Red Roses

Bouquet 101 Red Roses Red roses are a must in any romantic setting. Whether you’re celebrating the anniversary of your relationship, or you want to congratulate her on a special achievement in her life, this bouquet is sure to surprise her. Every woman, whether she admits it or not, dreams of such a classic but grand arrangement that needs no words to convey all your love.

We can tell you for sure that for all its simplicity, this is one of the most special flower bouquets.

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Melbourne, Giant Collection

Melbourne, Giant Collection – I chose this bouquet because with its pastel colors, it can appeal to many women. However, any bouquet from the Giant collection is an equally inspiring choice, so pick the one that best resonates with her personality.

Of the many flower bouquets in our collections, we’ve chosen to tell you about this one because it has a strong impact from the first moment you see it. With its large size, unusual for a floral arrangement, it catches every eye and makes the heart flutter, especially when the surprise comes unexpectedly. We know love can’t be measured, but if it could be, we’re sure you’d choose to give her this grand bouquet.

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Purple Fusion, Monochrome Collection

Purple Fusion, Monochrome Collection – Again, I have chosen a representative of the collection, but each bouquet conveys the most beautiful emotions with the same intensity.

With the unique chromatics that define these arrangements, we chose to emphasize the diversity of the combined flowers. So this bouquet conveys beauty beyond all barriers, giving an exotic vibe full of personality.

It’s delicate yet extravagant, telling her about love and the most beautiful feelings you have for her.

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Both on our website and in the La Vie en Rose flower shops, you’ll find lots of special bouquets that are ready to awaken all her senses.

We recommend that you choose as personally as possible, taking into account her preferences in terms of both shade and fragrance.

And when you want to add an extra element of surprise, we advise you to add either a bottle of prosecco or a box of premium chocolates for sweet moments together.

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