1. Red Roses Bouquet
  2. Classy arrangement in Venus Vase
  3. Lovely Giftbox
  4. Teddy Bear in Roses
  5. The Queen of My Heart

Being always head in flowers helps us to celebrate love every day, to appreciate the beautiful things that surround us and to want to pass on these precious feelings. And how else, if not through each floral arrangement we create, in which we dedicate all our passion and creativity?

We usually like to approach things differently, and it shows in all our creations, but this Valentine’s Day, we like to go classic, romantic and give this special day all the attention it needs. In our unique style, of course.

There are so many gifts and so many flowers that can show her all your love, but when you want something really special, something that speaks to her how much you appreciate her, we’ve put together 5 bouquets that are sure to impress.

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Red Roses Bouquet

A classic, elegant and romantic choice, the red rose is a flower that has always conquered the passionate and loving hearts of women. Even if it seems a common choice to you, we’ve made sure to offer you a bouquet with personality, with impact, that simply… will leave her speechless. The number of roses is up to you, and we’ll take care of the finishing touches.

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Classy arrangement in Venus Vase

A slightly more eccentric personality won’t match just any gift, but the Classy Venus Vase Arrangement may be just what she wants. A mix of exquisite flowers in shades of purple, arranged in a gorgeous vase, will not only show her all your love, but also the attention you pay to her unique personality.

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Lovely Giftbox

If it’s the moments you spend with her that make her smile from the bottom of her heart, then the right gift for her is the one that captures all her senses. This giftbox gives her not only the long-awaited Valentine’s Day flowers, but also a bottle of prosecco and a box of chocolates for the most savory moments. In short, you surprise her completely.

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Teddy Bear in Roses

Often, love is like a game that fills our souls with joy, a game that gives us the opportunity to show all our feelings in the purest possible way. For those gentle and delicate women who are full of energy and optimism, the Teddy Bear in Roses is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

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The Queen of My Heart

For you, she is your whole universe. The day begins with her loving smile, and ends with the most harmonious I love you . You may find it difficult to put everything you feel for her into a floral arrangement, but The Queen of My Heart knows how to convey all your feelings. A voluminous bouquet of the most romantic flowers in bright colors, a bouquet where your love is all yours.

Now that you’ve seen what our arrangements convey, it’s easy to choose the right one for your other half. What’s more, we recommend ordering your bouquet early and surprising her early in the morning on February 14. If you choose to pre-order your bouquet on our website, you benefit from 10% discount and we’ll deliver the flowers to your home on the day you choose, or we’ll be waiting for you in our flower shops to pick it up in person.

We stop the words here and let the flowers speak to you, but not before wishing you days colored in the special shades of love.

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