Summer Bouquet – Sunshine

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Celebrate the warmth of the season with our Summer Collection! Each bouquet bursts with color and joy, perfect for bringing the sunshine indoors or adding a splash of brightness to any occasion. Embrace the spirit of summer with these lively and fragrant arrangements designed to warm hearts and brighten days.

Summer Collection

Give her the sunshine with this mesmerizing bouquet. It’s definitely the right choice for any occasion!

What’s in a Sunshine summer bouquet?

PREMIUM 1000 lei

9 Fuchsia Pink Branched Roses, 7 Fuchsia Pink Sunflowers, 8 Green Carnations, 7 Coral Peonies, 7 Pink Eustoma, 7 yellow craspedia, and 8 green hypericum

STANDARD 715 lei

7 Fuchsia Pink Branched Roses, 5 Sunflowers, 5 Green Carnations, 5 Coral Peonies, 5 Pink Eustoma, 5 Yellow Craspedia, and 5 Green Hypericum

SMALL 410 lei

4 Fuchsia Pink Branched Roses, 3 Sunflowers, 3 Green Carnations, 3 Coral Peonies, 2 Pink Eustoma, 3 Yellow Craspedia, and 3 Green Hypericum

Summer Bouquet – Sunshine

NOTE: Flowers category, color, or shade may differ depending on stock availability.

GREETING CARD: Any order can be accompanied by a FREE greeting card with a message you completed on the order form.

TIPS for keeping your flowers fresh: The shorter a flower’s stem and the fewer leaves it has, the longer it lasts. Place flowers away from heat or light sources. Periodically cut the tails with a knife (not scissors) at a 45-degree angle at approximately 2-3 cm from the base.

Suppose you want to surprise your sweetheart with the most beautiful flowery bouquet with vibrant summer colors, which will surely be an absolutely memorable gift. In that case, we recommend this summer bouquet that will leave a strong impression at first sight. You don’t have to be a flower lover to enjoy the majesty of this bouquet and the instant joy it creates at a glance.
Summer is a wonderful season, not only because plants are in their element and manage to surprise us with their diversity, color, and magnetic beauty but also because it is a season of memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether we like it or not, the warm season is definitely the busiest—that’s when the vacations happen, the long walks, and the late-night chats with friends over a glass of wine. There are moments that pile on top of each other to create the perfect season.

At the same time, we can only have a different energy level all year round. So whether your other half is a weather addict or not, this summer bouquet will impress her both in the middle of this season and beyond. When nature is asleep in the winter, and stark contrasts no longer appear, such a summer bouquet is meant to revitalize and give your loved one energy.

But more than that, we recommend this bouquet not just for your significant other but for any important woman in your life—a friend, a coworker, or your mother—to celebrate the beauty that nature constantly provides us with to fill us with energy.

It’s no secret that flowers have an energizing effect, especially when they come in such a vibrant combination as this summer bouquet. A summer bouquet is a burst of energy and color in both color and texture.

Sunflowers are perhaps one of the most underrated flowers in terms of their effect on the viewer. It’s no coincidence that Van Gogh repeatedly turned his attention to this natural wonder; it’s simply a consequence of the incredible vitality and incurable optimism that this flower conveys.

Of course, when combined with flowers of different colors, both fuchsia and a pale purple of the peonies we include in this bouquet, the famousness of yellow stands out not only coloristically but also because of the different shapes these flowers have.

The ribbon is designed to accompany this summer bouquet without creating another form of contrast. Instead, I chose a dark color that would allow the vibrant hues of the flowers to stand out unhindered, both through the contrast created by their juxtaposition and the additional contrast created by the green pigtails accompanying these flowers.

Enhance your order with champagne, prosecco, or a box of pralines. These are great accessories to complement the bouquet and make your gift even more special. We’re dedicated to providing you with the perfect gifts, and we’re available on the order form for personalization options within the limits of our stock.

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Additional information

Additional information

Express (2 - 4 hours only in Cluj-Napoca)

Regardless of the urgency, with express delivery, which takes two to four hours from order confirmation, your bouquet will arrive at the address you specify.

30 RON

Standard (between 10:00 - 20:00)

If your bouquet delivery is not an emergency, you can choose the normal delivery option, which we deliver between 10:00 and 20:00.

15 RON

Pick up in store (Cipariu or Platinia)

If you want to take care of the flower delivery yourself, then you can place your order on the website, we'll prepare it, and then you can drop by the florist of your choice to pick up your bouquet.



According to GEO 34/2014, flowers and sweets are products that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly and are exempted from the right of withdrawal.

Toys, vases and other non-perishable decorative products sold by SHAKI COMP SRL can be returned.

Denunciation and return procedure:

  • You can only return products that are not perishable and/or food. As a result, flowers and sweets cannot be returned, toys, vases, accessories and baskets can.
  • Return is made by sending the products to the address: SHAKI COMP SRL, Colonia Borhanci 197/1, Cluj-Napoca by any courier you want.
  • The return package transportation will be paid by SHAKI COMP SRL.
  • The parcel will contain all the documents originally received, as well as a written address, signed by the person who initiated and paid for the order, notifying the termination of the contract and requesting the refund of the amount paid, indicating the account and bank where the money will be returned.
  • The parcel must be sent to the SHAKI COMP SRL headquarters, within 14 calendar days from the moment of receiving the order.
  • The amount paid will be refunded in full within 14 calendar days of receipt of the withdrawal notification.


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