Spring Flowers Bouquet – Paris

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Beautify SPRING with the most delicate flower arrangements, a symbol of appreciation and gratitude to the remarkable women in your life. Choose our fresh bouquets to celebrate their femininity and strength!

Spring Perfection

What’s in a Paris Spring Flower Bouquet?

The bouquet contains: five red tulips, five red carnations, three pink hyacinths, two red ranunculus, three pink astilbe, five pink astilbe, five fuchsia vanda, four red hypericum, three skimmia, and baby blue eucalyptus.

Bouquet with Spring Flowers – Paris

Description. Conquer her always and give her a spring full of love!

NOTE: Flowers category, color, or shade may differ depending on stock availability.

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TIPS for keeping your flowers fresh: The shorter a flower’s stem and the fewer leaves it has, the longer it lasts. Place flowers away from heat or light sources. Periodically cut the tails with a knife (not scissors) at a 45-degree angle at approximately 2-3 cm from the base.

The Paris bouquet, a unique collection of spring flowers, is not just a gift for professional relationships or friendships. It’s a symbol of purity and light-heartedness, a poetic expression of the earth’s hidden treasures. These flowers, with their gentle and soft nature, are the perfect choice for conveying tranquility, kindness, purity, and honest intentions in any situation.

The Paris bouquet is a beautiful tribute to one of the most romantic places on earth. Paris, the city of love, has inspired countless writers and artists, and it is this very essence of love and hope that we’ve captured in our bouquet of spring flowers—Paris.

For us, Paris is synonymous with Montmartre, the artistic heart of the city. This neighborhood, with its unbridled beauty, has inspired some of the greatest artists in history. It’s this artistic inspiration that we’ve channeled into our bouquet of spring flowers – Paris.

When we say Paris, of course, we think of the extraordinarily versatile and angelically manicured gardens not only in Versailles or other cultural monuments of note but also of the flower shops that are always a muse within reach of any lover.

This bouquet of spring flowers: Paris contains red tulips native to Turkey but that have taken the world by storm with their beauty. In the 16th century, during the Ottoman Empire, the red tulip was a flower that Suleiman the Magnificent was associated with, as his love of tulips meant he planted them everywhere at every opportunity. The tulip in this bouquet symbolizes infinite love, vibrancy, and consistency of loving feelings.

Sincere and boundless love is the evocation we wanted to create with this bouquet of spring flowers – Paris. The ranunculus flower is perfect for suggesting charm and attraction to a person, but also that French coup de foudre – love at first sight.

This flower is strongly associated with a bouquet of spring flowers because it’s often the center of children’s attention. Children are very fond of buttercups, which they pick at every opportunity. For this reason, we created the association with a bouquet of spring flowers, a metaphor for childhood and the beginning of everything—the beginning of life, relationships, and unlimited love.

We recommend this spring flower bouquet—Paris—to celebrate your love relationship with your loved one. We think it is the perfect gift to banish monotony and boredom from your life. When given in couple relationships, this bouquet of spring flowers evokes all the beautiful and romantic moments you have spent together.

Enhance your order with champagne, prosecco, or a box of pralines. These are great accessories to complement the bouquet and make your gift even more special. We’re dedicated to providing you with the perfect gifts, and we’re available on the order form for personalization options within the limits of our stock.

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Regardless of the urgency, with express delivery, which takes two to four hours from order confirmation, your bouquet will arrive at the address you specify.

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If your bouquet delivery is not an emergency, you can choose the normal delivery option, which we deliver between 10:00 and 20:00.

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If you want to take care of the flower delivery yourself, then you can place your order on the website, we'll prepare it, and then you can drop by the florist of your choice to pick up your bouquet.



According to GEO 34/2014, flowers and sweets are products that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly and are exempted from the right of withdrawal.

Toys, vases and other non-perishable decorative products sold by SHAKI COMP SRL can be returned.

Denunciation and return procedure:

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  • The amount paid will be refunded in full within 14 calendar days of receipt of the withdrawal notification.


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