Christmas Door Wreath – Champagne Christmas

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Winter Collection

A door wreath for Christmas – Champagne Christmas, woven from natural, white branches of wood, decorated with winter accessories in colors of white and gold.

Buy it for yourself or send it as a gift to your loved ones!

Wreath size: 40 cm in diameter.

NOTE Christmas door wreath: Accessory category, color or shade may differ depending on stock availability.

The crown is subject to customization. Any other preferences you have, different colors / ornaments, please put them in the “mentions” box.

In a corner of our workshop, on a snowy December day, we gathered around our work table, our hearts full of inspiration and creativity. With each movement of our hands, we started to bring to life a new creation, a door wreath that was to become emblematic for our winter holidays – “Champagne Christmas”.

Coroniță details:

Natural white wood branches: The wreath is carefully crafted from white sprigs of wood, bringing a touch of elegance and simplicity. These natural branches are the perfect choice to bring a touch of nature into your holiday decor.

Winter accessories in white and gold: The wreath is adorned with winter accessories in shades of white and gold, which add extra sparkle and festivity. From glittering snowflakes to tiny golden elements, every detail is carefully chosen to complement the beauty of the wreath.

Elegance and Refined Simplicity: With a simple yet sophisticated design, the Champagne Christmas wreath exudes elegance and sophistication. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate beauty in detail and are looking to add a touch of luxury to their Christmas decor.

A Tale of Elegance and Refined Simplicity

“Champagne Christmas” is not just a wreath for the door – it’s a story interwoven with sophistication and simplicity. We started with natural, white branches of wood, carefully handled to create an elegant and simple setting. These branches, despite their simplicity, exude a natural beauty that has inspired us throughout our creation.

Bright Accents of White and Gold

To bring a touch of magic to our story, we added winter accessories in colors of white and gold. Every detail – from glittering snowflakes to small golden elements – has been carefully chosen to complement the beauty of the wreath. The glow of gold blends perfectly with the pure shade of white, creating a glittering show of celebration.

A Journey of the Heart

While working on “Champagne Christmas”, I felt that every movement of our hands was a journey of the heart. With every accessory added and every detail finished, we felt we were bringing a touch of joy and warmth into the homes of those who choose to share our story. This Christmas door wreath can signify joy, harmony and accompany the family on the most beautiful days of the calendar year. There’s no time more special than Christmas – whether it’s family getting together after months apart, or if you’re celebrating as a couple, or if you want to help your family decorate in a refined way even if you’re not home for the holidays.

A Gift of Joy and Refined Elegance


Thanks to its discreet design, this door wreath for Christmas is an appropriate gift for whatever style your family, friends or loved one opt for. The versatility of this wreath comes precisely from the subtlety with which it is chromatically matched so as not to be distracting, not to stand out, but to support an existing style in the home. So, in addition to its beauty, Champagne Christmas is also a gift of joy and refinement. It’s a gesture of love and appreciation that brings a smile to the faces of loved ones.

Just as our “Champagne Christmas” story came to life in our workshop, we are delighted to share this story with you. Whether you place it on your front door or on a wall inside your home, let’s hope that “Champagne Christmas” will bring joy and warmth.

The winter holidays are an incredibly busy time for us, which is why we ask you to place your orders as early as possible. Of course, we want very much to be able to fulfill any order we receive and it is our primary commitment to be there for you when you want to give something special.

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