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The beginning of summer opens the invitation to the most unique moments, those moments that sink under the sun’s rays and bring us that feeling of well-being. For us, summer means more than that. It’s the start of the season that depicts new love stories, and we’ll be there to make sure they have the right shape. We are fascinated by the events and how each one becomes unique, both in terms of the setting and the moments that happen there. It looks like we’ll be focusing more on smaller events, which we’re sure will have the same wow effect if you find the right elements.

We have lots of ideas that we can’t wait to implement, and when it comes to smaller events, we thought we’d let you in on a few secrets that could complement your event harmoniously.

Table arrangements

Even if we’re talking about smaller events, which means a much more intimate and smaller setting, the emphasis on floral decor should not be missing. The centerpieces on the tables are one of the most significant décor elements and should be chosen according to the theme of the wedding. If, for example, you’re envisioning an event that’s as natural as possible, then you can opt for elements that are inspired by nature.

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If your event is outdoors, then you can choose floral arrangements that will make the moments you’re about to experience there even more intense. Whether you opt for oversized arrangements, or perhaps something that doesn’t stand out so much, this idea will make the place more spectacular, and your guests will enjoy both what’s going on there and the gorgeous scenery. In addition, right where you’re getting married, you can choose a floral archway to complement the whole decor.

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Place for photos

Most of your guests will be looking for a place to capture their cherished moments during the event, so you can surprise them with a special place. Whether your event is outdoors or indoors, find a place to place a floral arrangement, whether transposed into an archway or various elements arranged in an impressive outline.



One of the main focal points of any event is the chair. This is the place that catches the eye of all your guests and is an important element. Thus, it stands out through the floral arrangements that complement the decor and that will be different from everything else on the guests’ tables, but will be from the same story.

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These are just a few ideas that can be implemented at the events and will have an impact. Even if events will be smaller this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the moments you’ve been dreaming of, with a great backdrop. Because we want every event to be truly special, we would love to hear more about yours and match the floral arrangements to your expectations. You can contact us here.

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