1. Monochrome collection
  2. Pink Romance
  3. Purple Fusion
  4. Fuchsia Fantasy
  5. White Delight
  6. Blue Sapphire
  7. Yellow Daze
  8. Green Serenity

You already know about us how much we are fascinated by flowers, their fragrance, as well as their textures, colors and the way they find their place in harmony in a bouquet. With each flower that passes through our hands, we want to create a story for you to share as a meaningful gesture to your loved ones. Our inspiration has translated into collections of all kinds, each expressing certain moods and feelings, and now we wanted to introduce you to one of our new collections, Monochrome.

Monochrome Collection

The Monochrome collection is described by a minimal yet vibrant approach. A fascinating collection in which we have used a single color that expresses itself in several shades. A juxtaposition of elements that together form a visually extravagant and out of the ordinary effect. Suitable for any context, whether you want to say a “thank you”, “you’re wonderful” or a heartfelt “happy birthday”, the floral bouquets from the Monochrome collection are sure to embrace any special moment.

Depending on which color accent you find yourself in, we’ve broken this story down into a few bouquets you can pair with any occasion.

Pink Romance

Pink Romance. Steeped in the most romantic sentiments, this bouquet conveys all the love and attention you want to give to a loved one. The color palette in this bouquet gives the Pink Romance bouquet a diaphanous, graceful and graceful air, and in addition to the unique gesture, you’ll also be giving a moment full of love.

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Purple Fusion

Purple Fusion. This bouquet offers the most extravagant backdrop, defined by natural elements that create a story defined by delicacy. The predominant color conveys strong feelings of love and happiness. When you’re looking to spark a little excitement, the Purple Fusion bouquet describes an inspired choice.

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Fuchsia Fantasy

Fuchsia Fantasy. A fantasy of colors, textures and fragrances that awakens the strongest emotions in every woman’s soul. A bouquet that vibrates with her smile and brings happiness to the forefront. Fuchsia Fantasy is characterized by unique moments and experiences driven by sensuality and femininity.

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White Delight

White Delight. A bouquet that blends freshness and purity in the best possible balance. Defined by elegance and sophistication, the White Delight bouquet sprinkles unique moments for the recipient and brings the natural elements into a very special gesture. A fairytale moment, fitting for an occasion worth celebrating.

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Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire. An accent of color, described by elements that visually impress any eye, this bouquet is presented in a non-conformist touch, enveloping all the senses with the fragrance it exudes. When you want to give something unique, the Sapphire bouquet will meet all your expectations.

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Yellow Daze

Yellow Daze. A vibrant bouquet that transports every sense into a unique, tropical experience. Composed of contrasting but harmonious elements, Yellow Daze speaks of optimism, energy, happiness, brightness. Ideally complements a strong, radiant personality.

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Green Serenity

Green Serenity. More than a floral bouquet, a feeling of freedom, harmony and freshness. Created from elements that inspire naturalness, Green Serenity combines an exotic experience of palm leaves with a delicate and unique mood created by the diversity of flowers that make up this arrangement.

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If you want to discover more about this collection, we invite you to continue here.

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