1. Choose a color palette
  2. Match the chosen flowers with different wow elements
  3. Choose what to wear with your bouquet

A question that is on the minds of many of you, especially when you come to our florists to pick up an arrangement for a loved one in your life. So, in this article, we wanted to take you behind the scenes of La Vie en Rose and tell you what it looks like and what it means for us to compose a bouquet of flowers.

There’s much more to designing an arrangement than just putting color-matched flowers together. For us, this process becomes floral art, so like a painter or a sculptor, we start with an idea, a vision, and along the way, we let creativity guide each element we add.

Sometimes the spectacular bouquet you see in our photos was born from choosing a vibrant color, other times we start with the person who will receive it in mind. No two arrangements are the same, and that’s because passion creates its own path, and we let it guide our imagination exactly the way it wants.

However, even if art is free and we prefer to let flowers guide us to the most exquisite floral arrangements, there are certain steps we follow in their construction. So here are the main steps:

Choose a color palette

It’s much easier to create a special bouquet when you have a starting point. The main color can be chosen by you, or requested by the person who wants the bouquet. Setting a color palette doesn’t restrict your creativity or your freedom to create – on the contrary, it gives you a first step towards the perfect creation.

There are many criteria to consider when choosing colors: the preferences of the recipient, their age, the occasion the bouquet is celebrating, its size and so on. Choose pale colors or vibrant shades, or mix and match.

Match the chosen flowers with different wow elements

The color palette will give you ideas on which flowers to place in your bouquet. We recommend working with seasonal flowers as much as possible. Not only are they loved and long awaited by everyone, but you’ll also have easier access to them.

Moreover, if you know us well, then you know that La Vie en Rose bouquets are not limited to just flowers, but in almost every arrangement we introduce a different element to contrast and give personality to the bouquet. Whether it’s a tropical leaf, pampas yarn or cotton twigs, we always try to give a touch of uniqueness to each bouquet.

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Choose what to wear with your bouquet

Yes, that’s what we like to call it, but you’ve probably understood that we’re talking about either wrapping paper, a box, a basket and so on. These elements will further tell you how to arrange the flowers together. What’s more, it’s the bouquet’s clothing that really makes it stand out, so our advice is to choose something that matches the whole ensemble you’ve created so far, both color-wise and aesthetically.

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Broadly, these are the important moments that guide our creative process. Beyond these steps, it’s the imagination of our floral artists that goes into finalizing the most spectacular bouquets that end up in the arms of your loved ones.

We invite you here to discover some of our creations, and who knows, you might decide to give a special woman in your life a fragrant, unexpected surprise.

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