1. Compliment his personality
  2. Flowers to her liking
  3. Surprises are always an inspired choice

We must confess that for us, between flowers, there is no comparison. Each one is different in its own unique way, so when we talk about this subject, we adapt everything through a subjective filter.

However, when it comes to how we place flowers in a bouquet or arrangement, there can indeed be more minimalist or more spectacular results, which catch the eye more easily, or which reach the heart more quickly.

When you want to choose a bouquet of flowers for someone you love, we invite you to discover our collections, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

And we’re going to give you some tips on how to choose the right bouquet for the person you’re giving it to.

Compliment his personality

Like flowers, each of us has our own style of behaving, dressing, gesticulating, expressing and so on.

Everyone’s personality is what makes us unique, special, and it’s also the first clue to choosing the right bouquet.

There are delicate ladies, characterized by femininity, but at the same time there are extroverted women who love daring, out-of-the-ordinary things.

So bouquets differ according to each person’s perspective, so you, by her personality alone, can tell us whether you want an extravagant bouquet like Purple Fusion from the Monochrome collection or a romantic one like The Queen of my Heart.

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Flowers to her liking

The most beautiful bouquets are often chosen through… flowers. That is, the types of flowers we choose to combine in the arrangement.

If you know she is a lover of red roses, then for her, the most beautiful bouquet will be the Red Roses 101 Bouquet.

It’s not that simple for all women, though, so if you don’t have a clue about her favorite flowers, here’s another trick.

You know he loves, for example, spring?

Well, this season is characterized by a lot of color and energy, so we suggest a bouquet of mini roses, tulips, hydrangeas, eucalyptus leaves and other elements to express all the things she loves about spring.

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Surprises are always an inspired choice

Sometimes the most beautiful bouquets are determined by the moments in which they are given or received.

We expect to receive them on special occasions such as birthdays, various anniversaries, special holidays, but received at other unexpected moments, they could bring immense joy to the soul of any lady or young lady.

So, sometimes, to give the most beautiful bouquet, it is enough to choose a surprise moment, a moment that will become memorable in her life and that she will remember fondly, always.

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With these tips & tricks in mind, we’re sure that choosing the right bouquet for the special women in your life will be much easier.

We are waiting for you in our flower shops to surprise you with personalized bouquets, or on our website, where you can order and deliver your flowers with the help of our team La Vie en Rose team, straight to her door.

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