1. Vibrant colors
  2. Floral Arcade
  3. Centerpieces
  4. Greenary
  5. Suspended arrangements
  6. Cascade bouquets

The new year has surprised us on a positive note, with lots of inspiration and ideas that we can’t wait to put into practice. Even if 2020 made us rethink everything we had planned, here we are, with much excitement about the events waiting to make their mark. Every beginning of the year guides us towards the trends that will prevail in terms of decorations and floral arrangements, from flowers, color palette, details and accessories, which together will manage to define a unique event, full of personality.

Of course, the wow effect of the decor is not trend-driven, but we can get a dose of inspiration. In your special moment, it’s important to find yourself in all the elements that define it and choose what represents you. Today we thought we’d inspire you with a few ideas that describe this year in terms of events.

Vibrant colors

We’re all going for a more radiant vibe this year, and you can see it in the trends as brighter colors take center stage. Combining flowers in bold colors with those in paler colors, in different structures and shapes, will create unique and eye-catching arrangements and, last but not least, will introduce the concept of uniqueness to your event.

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Floral Arcade

Surely you’ll agree with us when we say you can never have too many flowers integrated into your decor. Floral bows are another eye-catching element on the trend list. Slightly more eccentric, they make a very impressive backdrop that can work in a variety of scenarios, such as in the religious ceremony if it’s outdoors, behind the presidium, at the entrance to the hall, or wherever you feel like.



Outdoor weddings are among this year’s favorite choices. Such a landscape needs to be framed with elements that complement it harmoniously and create a pleasant ambience. When it comes to tables, lower centerpieces, i.e. closer to the base of the table, are in this year’s trends because they are more natural in nature and blend in better with the rest of the elements.



Sometimes simplicity can offer more sophistication and elegance if it’s represented by the right elements. With inspirations from nature, with color palettes represented by greenery blended with white, floral arrangements can give you a fresh and authentic decor and form a vivid and pure image.


Suspended arrangements

For a more airy, yet impactful decor in an event room, there are hanging floral arrangements. This unique touch is provided by the way they are arranged, as well as the combination of colors and shapes that these arrangements create, which successfully manage to fill an empty space and give it personality.

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Cascade bouquets

One of the bride’s favorite accessories is the bouquet. There’s the option of a small bouquet, but trends in 2021 tell us otherwise. Waterfall bouquets certainly aren’t subtle, but for a statement that speaks for itself, this option is ideal. Favorite flowers combine in an arrangement to harmoniously complement a flowing, simple yet sophisticated wedding dress.


We can’t wait to create with you the decor to complete the special moments. For more details, please contact us here.

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