The warm season is definitely our favorite. On the one hand, we can enjoy a wide variety of flowers in pastel shades, but also vibrant, extremely fragrant, and on the other hand, we have the opportunity to create with their help, the frame of the most beautiful moments of your life.

Whether defining love stories, celebrating a new life or a special anniversary, with the help of flowers and our creative team, we manage to offer that touch of uniqueness that every event needs.

When it comes to floral arrangements for events, our imagination is limitless, so it’s important to guide the whole decor according to pre-determined ideas that we define together.

Do you want to know how you, too, can win your guests’ eyes with the help of theLa Vie en Rose team ?

We start everything with a discussion – friendly and no rules, this discussion is a first step for us towards your event.

Whether you’ve chosen to work with a wedding planner or you’ve decided to organize everything yourself, we’re convinced that at this point, when discussing floral arrangements for events, you already have a theme for the party already in mind.

So it’s important for us to know the direction you want your wedding, christening, anniversary or party to go in.

Maybe towards a natural style, with gold and bronze accents, or perhaps on the contrary, towards a vibrant color fantasy. Whatever your choice, we will complete it with the most unique floral arrangements.

Another point of interest for us, as floral artists, is the location and the hall where the event will take place.

First, we make sure that the theme in your mind suits the location, and then we can decide which flowers and elements are best suited to that context.

At this point we will also bring up the available budget, because it is important to know where we will fit in.

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WhatsApp Image 2021 07 12 at 17.46.01 1.jpeg

We introduce you to our ideas – Of course, after the discussion I mentioned above, or perhaps even during it, our ideas start to take shape and already sketch out the most perfect floral arrangements for your event. So, we will come to you with various proposals, which we will discuss and mix, so that the final result will bring you the excitement you are looking for.

This is the perfect time to let us know what’s to your liking and what’s not, to make any sketch-level changes, as things are extremely versatile.

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WhatsApp Image 2021 07 12 at 17.46.00.jpeg

Whatever you need, we’re here for you – as life has shown us lately, there are unavoidable things that may intervene, thus changing things in the event.

Precisely for this reason, we like to keep an open line of communication for both the organizational details and to refine the floral concept of your event.

We have so far managed to make hundreds of brides and grooms happy and mark the most special anniversaries, so we look forward to bringing our creativity to your event.

Log in here, contact us and let’s get to know each other!

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