1. Minimalist style with a Scandinavian touch
  2. Adding color with a special fragrance

Every holiday comes with a story, a new perspective that inspires and motivates us to create beautiful things, things that bring joy to our hearts. Easter is about family and loved ones, about moments when we gather around the table and share good thoughts and tasty, lovingly prepared dishes.

And just as you carefully prepare yourself for the festive moments, so should the Easter table be arranged in such a way that it harmonizes with the festive spirit and creates a pleasant, warm atmosphere. Time is short, and if you’re still undecided on your decor, we’re here to inspire you.

Minimalist style with a Scandinavian touch

If you like to keep things as simple and clean as possible, then this style was designed with you in mind. It requires clear, well-defined lines, incorporates elements from nature, complimented with neutral, cool or warm colors, depending on your preference.

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WhatsApp Image 2021 04 30 at 12.44.44.jpeg

You need a few things, such as a white or beige tablecloth, napkins in the same shades, a tableware that blends well with the decor, perhaps even with gold accents, and of course, the centerpiece, an arrangement of natural flowers to add a touch of freshness and fragrance, depending on your choice.

In our Easter collection you’ll find lots of these arrangements, which we can deliver directly to your home in plenty of time. Discover them here.

Adding color with a special fragrance

In contrast to what we’ve described so far, another style suitable for the Easter table can be an elegant, glamorous one, distinguished by bright spring colors and golden accents. Things are simple here too. You’ll need a white tablecloth, white dinnerware or tablecloths with gold accents and decorations with colorful, fresh notes.

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This time, the centerpiece of the table will be a colorful, lively, colorful arrangement of natural flowers with a charming fragrance that will create a pleasant ambience throughout the house. What’s more, you can complete the whole decor with 2-3 other bouquets of flowers to provide continuity.

Such arrangements are also in our Easter collection this year, which you can see here.

If you like both styles and don’t know which one to go for, try to think about what would suit the style of your home better. And if your interior allows for the integration of both ideas, then go for either style, because we celebrate Easter every year, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy each decor.

We have been happy to help you with our little tips, and now all we can do is wish you a happy Easter with your family and loved ones, with lots of joy, smiles and inspiration!

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