1. Red Rose
  2. Orchids
  3. Tulips
  4. Peonies
  5. Carnation

Over time, giving a bouquet of flowers has become one of the sincerest and purest ways to show your love for someone. Each flower has its own language, conveyed through its appearance and fragrance. Some flowers will convey good luck, others tenderness, and some the most intense feelings of love. When you want to make a special gesture, to surprise a loved one in your life, the bouquet you offer will have a greater impact when it is chosen in line with the message you want to convey.

If you want to discover more about flowers that speak the language of love, we’ve put together some of the most significant types of flowers that will make a truly unique bouquet.

Red Rose

When it comes to flowers, the red rose is undoubtedly one of the most powerful symbols of love. It manages to arouse intense emotions and provide loving moments. The classic red rose oozes romance, and when you want to play it safe, a bouquet of this type of flower will bring a smile to the recipient’s face. With its delicate petals and seductive fragrance, the red rose is an inspired choice.



When love has a touch of mystery for you, the orchid is the flower that will represent it well. This type of flower exudes elegance, refinement and luxury. It also symbolizes beauty and strength, making it the perfect flower to express how lucky you are to have the person next to you in your life.


The main symbol of these flowers is perfect love. The difference is when it comes to color, so red tulips best suggest true love. If you’re a more passionate person, then a bouquet of red tulips will be in harmony with the message you want to convey to your loved one.


True love is long-lasting, like peonies. Even though this flower often makes an appearance in wedding arrangements, peonies are perfect for a bouquet that’s meant to convey love. These flowers represent honor and a happy relationship, so if you want to make a beautiful and surprising gesture to the person you love, a bouquet of peonies will do the magic.



Among the flowers that stand out when it comes to conveying feelings of love is the carnation. It symbolizes fascination with love and the person next to you. Lighter shades of red are chosen to convey admiration, and deeper colors to convey deeper feelings.

Each flower is unique and special, just like the gesture you’re about to make. Love is described by various things you do towards a loved one. You don’t need a special occasion to pay attention, so a floral bouquet is just the thing to intensify any moment. For inspiration from our ready-made bouquets, click here.

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