1. I don’t know why she’s upset bouquet
  2. “I’ve been in the city too long” bouquet
  3. “You forgot our anniversary” bouquet
  4. “We haven’t done enough together” bouquet
  5. “I left her to clean up after herself” bouquet

When sweet talk no longer delivers, words need a complement. And, of course, you have to find the one who will respond with a smile. We will talk about what we know best, flowers, the ones that express what we often fail to say. If you find yourself in the situation of finding a new way to soften the situation with your other half, then it will definitely help to read on.

With each bouquet we create, we want to convey an emotion, a beautiful thought and a good feeling. We create floral art with personality so that when a person receives a bouquet from our florist, they feel that moment is all about them.

Let’s see how we get you out of certain situations.

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I don’t know why she’s upset bouquet

Sometimes it’s hard to read a woman’s mind, and the reason she’s upset seems hard to find. If you need something to melt her a little, then you can choose to take the first step with a bouquet of flowers. If you want to add a little color to the atmosphere, then we, the La Vie en Rose team, recommend more intense colors in your bouquet, which always manages to stir up the excitement.

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“I’ve been in the city too long” bouquet

You were having a good time with the boys in the city. You could have texted him, but you got caught up with other people, and the next day you got ignored. The choice was from an “I’m fine, I’m staying” message that evening, but you chose to go for the bouquet option. She’s delicate and diaphanous, delicate and gentle. A bouquet in pastel colors and neutral shades will be all about it. We’re sure she’ll appreciate that you’re attentive and know the things that define her and bring her joy.

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“You forgot our anniversary” bouquet

We perceive things differently, and if you know that certain events in your relationship are important to her, you need to have your full attention there. And we know, you forget. When it comes to anniversaries, it’s serious business, and for a proper, by-the-book reconciliation, you need a bouquet that really impresses. We’re thinking of something extravagant, so she can forget what she was upset about.

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“We haven’t done enough together” bouquet

Maybe you had a period where you were relaxed. Maybe too relaxed. You know that moment when she’s trying to stay mad, but a smile escapes? Flowers have this charm to change a situation completely. Start with a bouquet, show her she’s deserving and appreciated and choose it according to her preferences.

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“I left her to clean up after herself” bouquet

You have the whole house in harmony. Almost the whole house. Once she’s cleaned up after herself, it’s time to show your gratitude for the effort she’s put in. She’s not necessarily angry, but you sense something’s not right. Her joy takes shape in many different ways, and with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, things will get a lot rosier.

Whatever the context, a bouquet of flowers will always be the first step on the road to reconciliation. If you want to get inspired with ideas for choosing the perfect one, we invite you to continue on the website to choose your bouquet, where you can also order online.

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